Wednesday, October 24, 2012

3D Pareto surface foraging

The world needs a nice picture of a 3D Pareto surface. I am always looking for one, so I took the time to make on. This has nothing to do with foraging, but this will at least make the thing available for public use. Hoping a google search for "3D Pareto surface" will have this as  a first hit soon enough.

In terms of FORAGING, my latest trip to California for the wedding of Melissa and Jeff included some nice new finds.   Foraged and ate a bunch of dragon fruits, a lot easier than the other red cactus fruits I've gotten before that require gloves because they are full of prickers.

Then there were the fallen oranges and grapefruits and persimmons. Black walnuts right at the wedding site provided a nice distraction, cracking them open on the rocks right there.  But my favorite item was the olives.  Lots of people grow olive trees, and I stopped at one point in San Bernadino and found about 5 full of olives on the street itself...not in someone's yard.  So I got a whole bunch and have various people (Stef, Helma) curing them for me. I took some home myself but didn't want to get them taken away by California Agricultural rules at the airport, which is why I convinced my California friends to cure them themselves. But I got mine through so am curing a small batch. They should be ready to try in about a month.

And once more, for search engine reasons: 3D Pareto surface.  And buy urban foraging on amazon!