Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Boston magazine interview turns into a Porcini score!

I took a long lunch break today at work to do an interview with a gal from Boston Magazine. Even though I rarely forage around my work, I took her around there anyhow for convenience. We found wild parsnip .. first time I've ever seen that in the city .. and then over by some oak trees some little porcinis. Above, in the frying pan, now, in my stomach.  Also grabbed some pretty good looking chickweed and curly dock, in the collander, and on the way to work some juneberries which are in the pot on the left along with farmers market rhubarb and strawberries.  You'll also see pictured an orange and an apple. Also foraged. It's a little weird how much fruit I find that I guess falls out of bike baskets or something. These guys were lying in the mulch (where I also found a couple wine cap mushrooms, which have been abundant this year) over near my new sort-of-guerrilla garden at MIT (I dug it myself and it's in a weird spot, but, I got permission, so it's not that bad-ass).

This weekend will bring in the cherry/mulberry/juneberry haul, just as I finish the end of my last year's canned fruit, the apricots.

Get out there with your sheets and shake down those super fruit mulberries!