Tuesday, May 11, 2010

poke mountain

That cool pic? Hipstermatic, or something like that, an iphone app that gives all sorts of retro-looking picture options. Thanks sarah b and rob for alerting us to the app.

Milkweed and pokeweed hauls on the vineyard last week. Over by the famed watercress patch I found a construction site with a mountain of pokeweed in perfect stage for harvesting. I'd love to get to the bottom of "minimum amount of time to cook the stuff" since every book is different, but this is a risky thing to uncover. For now, I'll just continue to cook the heck out of it and serve up mushy greens.

The vineyard week was great, and I'm happy to report that my friends all put up with a large amount of foraged eating.

Also, my book -- Urban Foraging -- is finally available harvard.com's book site.

Brian tells me black locust flowers are out in NYC. Gotta go exploring...

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Xue said...

There's a black locust tree right outside my apartment on the Allston/Brookline border! I always had a memory of frying the flowers with my grandparents in China, but only rediscovered the practice this year. Can't wait.