Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bye Bye Blackberry

If you blink you miss the start of new construction in a city. I rode by my favorite foraging spot in the city today, the Geese Ghetto by the B.U. bridge, and it has been leveled. Some woman stopped to ask what was going on and the construction foreman told us that they were repairing the bridge, 2.5 year project, and had to make a staging area for this. There go hundreds of blackberry bushes, pokeweed, burdock, and milkweed. The guy says they are putting in a park afterward. The woman says "Oh, that sounds great..". At that point I left, pretty sad. Felt like an old man watching his favorite tree die. Then I picked myself up by the bootstraps on the rest of my ride, and imagined helping design a fruit tree park with the city of Cambridge. Apples, Juneberries, Kousa Dogwoods, Hawthorns, Black Locusts, White Oaks, Peaches, Pears. Could become a different type of foraging mecca. Will have to write a proposal, and have someone draw up an artist sketch.


Shannon McDonough said...

I like your attitude. Be part of the solution. Be the solution!

Robin Chase said...

Those berries, and others elsewhere, were planted in the early 80s I think, by a group called "Food for Free." Behind Morse school there was a huge long patch of raspberries that got ripped out when they redid the parking lot. Still lots of space to accommodate more. Maybe I'll surreptiously plant my raspberry divisions down there in the spring.