Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I shelled my first acorns this morning and have them soaking in water, and the haws are out (hawthorns) and hawthorn schnapps is on its way. Will be ready in 5 months. Hawschnapps in preparation.


Ryan said...

I saw the foraging article in the Globe today. Very cool, man.

Yuzhi said...

I just read the globe article and your blog. Very interesting. Why don't we plant fruit trees or nut trees in parks? I wish that you'll turn in such a proposal. I also had this idea, tested it on some people, and was very discouraged by someone who said that the falling fruit was too messy. Be sure to address this problem.

thomas said...

I ran into you near JP while you were gathering mushrooms earlier this summer, and when I saw the globe article i found your blog. Very cool! Have you explored the fruit trees on the southwest corridor? They mostly look like crab apples and cherries, but they are covered in fruit and will be ripe soon. Good luck!