Monday, November 23, 2009

Beech trees, nettles, black robes

Some highlights from my recent trip to The Netherlands.

* An hour at the Sauna Deco. I asked the lady at the front desk if they had bathing suits in addition to the towels for the spa, which was "co-ed" but primarily men > 50. She replied, "NO! we are totally nude!".

* Black robes worn by the entire thesis committee for the defense I was a part of. This was good because it hid the fact that I was wearing brown cords and looked like hell compared to everyone else in their suits and ties. The Q/A session was pretty funny, one questioner heavily citing his own research, and someone fainting on stage towards the end of the session.

* Tilburg forest filled with beech trees, black berry brambles, and nettles. And some weird running competition that I asked an older couple about and they replied things like: "Chops" and "Clogs" and "Warande" and I of course said yes, yes, yes as if I had any clue what they were saying.

* The coffeehouse scene is weird. People go in there and roll huge joints and really make a big thing about it. It's kind of like, listen, you're just rolling a joint, take it easy. Man, they go to town though, with their props and all. Flower shops selling tulip bulbs also carried pot seeds. I almost bought some but didn't want any trouble getting back into the good old U S of A.


Valérie said...

you didn't mention whether you joined them naked :D

David at the Gallery said...

you bet i did.

troutbird said...

David -- I met you in Madison this summer (you foraged a bit with my partner, L.). Love the description of the committee. Was on my first this year, and we sat around in our usual garb, and our questions were monitored by an outside observer (to keep us from bad behavior, I suppose?). Your experience sounds like much more fun! I'll be following your seeding experiment (another post - Dec. 09). L. has arranged for a rather large garden plot on a friend's farm out here in Ohio for next summer. Yum. Best, Kate