Friday, December 5, 2008

14,000 years

Big day at the gallery. Here are the highlights:

Miriam, an artist who works over at the Piano Factory, came in and showed us some fun funky and funny illustrations she did on her press. I was wondering when I looked at them how she managed to get such a textured look but only have a few bold dark lines popping out. Thousands of pounds bearing down onto an etched piece of copper I guess. And then painted over to brighten it up. Very nice stuff, and we'll be showing it early next year.

Then Sam Thompson came in and we agreed on a set of watercolor classes for a younger age group, 8 to 16 or so. This will be on Saturday Mornings in January. At the end of January I'll be leaving for Costa Rica to get my 200 hours yoga training.

Then Peter came in to discuss music nights here. He's going to work on throwing the first one together (after the NH gig next week that is). We were sitting there drinking tea and eating pizza and imagining the G263 turned into a bunch of little round tables, cafe setting, string trio bringing it all together. We'll see what actually happens. Found some cheap chairs on craigslist. Emailed, no response. Drives me NUTS. Too many of my friends are into that too. Read an email that obviously could use a response - we are a society after all - and nothing. Thanks to all of you who reliably respond to emails :).

Stef dropped by and did a bang up job flyering the town with yoga and dec 13 flyers. Then she won 4 dollars on a scratch ticket and basically told me I was an old man. Speaking of scratch million dollar drawing this Sunday. If anyone who reads this goes out and buys a ticket as a result, and wins, remember that that could pay for G263's operations for about 14,000 years, literally. So be kind.

There's a gigantic red flag waving outside the gallery right now that says open and people are walking by left and right and not coming in. Maybe I should shave my beard, or just hide.

I didn't include inflation in that 14,000 year calculation. Or the probability of the demise of human civilization.

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