Monday, December 15, 2008

Things that seem new rarely are

For example, it is often tempting to think that we are in the midst of a major new environmental awareness. But, I just read today that hundreds of years ago residents of Truro, MA - out there on the tip of Cape Cod, were asked by the government, or maybe forced, I couldn't tell, to plant beach grass to help keep the sand banks from eroding. They brought the beach grass seeds from The Netherlands.

Microcomputers are definitely new though. And I'm struggling with a contract job right now involving how to teach a computer to generate a simple shape based on constraints like "it has two lines that intersect at right angles and then a third line which is to the right of both of them." One knows we still have a long way to go with artificial intelligence when one tries to take simple things like this and program a computer to do them.

I pretty much hate my new PC, but it got a point this morning. Somehow it got left on our heater in the gallery, and I looked at the bottom this morning and it was all bent and melted. It miraculously turned on just fine and is fine.

I want to put an art show up where the paintings cost like $6 or so. See if that gets people buying them. Call it meta-art, where the pricing itself is an art statement. Any artists out there want to donate a piece for the cause? It might be all me (and my stuff is worth at least $40 :)), and anything I can steal from Rob.

Last Wednesday during yoga class, our first yoga customers arrived. Jordan was absent, so it was up to me. OK, except that I had a massive stuffy head, and thus was sweating profusely midway through. Today I think I accidentally drank a pot of caffeine: Moroccan mint? Sounds herbal, right. They must've dropped in a green tree bough or something. The jumpy nature of this post reflects the unintended caffeine.

Here's a depressing website: recently extinct species.

For the foragers out there - don't give up on 2008 yet. Rose hips are still available and yummy.

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