Sunday, December 7, 2008

A pair of jacks at the jack and jill

Do animals like the snow as much as we do? I think about this always on the first snowfall. I think not, because I think the reason I/we like it has to do with the fact that the comfort of heat and a home is emphasized by the snow. That and, snow gives us a reason to slow down our fast paced lives. It's like having a cold when you are a kid - bad enough to stay home from school, but not bad enough to make you miserable.

Making fresh spring rolls is like making sushi but far less stressful; they are more forgiving to inconsistencies and sloppiness, they are almost as good, and they command an almost equal amount of 'wows'. Not that that last one is a good reason to make something, but, we all like the pats on the back. Bread making is the same way. Follow a simple recipe on the flour wrapper for bread, and serve it 30 minutes after it comes out, and you get far too many 'wows' than you really deserve.

Nice event last night at the gallery - jack and jill baby shower for Adam and Lorena. The summer rolls where my present. How can I get the little rascal something if I don't even know him yet. I wouldn't want to force him to get into say Rachmaninoff if that turns out to not be his thing. Although, come to think of it, who wouldn't like a nice set of piano music by him? Maybe next time I'll just give a homemade Baby Rachmaninoff. At the risk of making a frantic and over passionate baby.

I got a pair of jacks for my first hand, during the poker session for the jacks of the party. Even with absolutely nothing at stake - the game was friendly and all the 5 dollar entry fees went to gallery donations - I still got all nervous about my good hand. I was super tired, so that didn't help either, but really, to get an elevated heart beat from a pair of jacks...this is why I shouldn't be allowed to gamble. Having said that, a casino night at the gallery would be AWESOME and if we can pull the non-profit strings and see if there is any legal way we can do that, man that would be sweet, if stressful.

I'm supposed to work on shape generation software today. Currently wondering why I take on these extra projects, leaving me with a Sunday, otherwise pleasantly snowing and Bach playing in the freshly cleaned gallery, during which I stress out. All I need to do more of is forage, art, yoga, and music, and I'm sure I'll be fine. :)

Some Christmas carols in the works for Central Square, with a premier at an upcoming lousy sweater party. So far on the roster: O Come All Ye Faithful, Angels We Have Heard On High, and Silent Night. A bunch of agnostics(+)atheists (that word atheists has such a hard sound to me) whipping up tunes about the baby Jesus. Kind of strange.

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Allie said...

I think animals are like kids, they get even more excited than we do. The first time my dog sees the snow each year, she starts running around the yard in big circles because she's so happy! And all winter long, she just loves to roll in the snow and to try to catch snowballs.